Skinny People Have Good Fat

You're probably aware of the 'good' omega-3 fatty acids that your body uses for a number of supportive functions. It turns out there's also a good fat to have around your waistline. Not just there but throughout your body. Three groups of scientists on two continents have independently verified that everyone has some brown fat in their body, not just children as previously believed.

Unlike the white fat that's so prevalent in overweight and obese people, brown fat is metabolically active and its calorie-burning engine is triggered by lower temperatures. Because they can't move around to generate heat, babies have brown fat to help them keep warm in cooler weather. Researchers found that skinny adults had more brown fat than their overweight counterparts, and the older you get the less brown fat is present.

The Bigger Picture: While weight management treatments that make use of brown fat may be years or decades away, you can help your body maximize the potential of this metabolic marvel by slimming down. Eating right and working out is the path to take, and now's a great time to get started. There's no time like the present.
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