The Salt Mines Of Low-Fat Food

Health and fitness are important to you. You're watching what you eat and getting to the gym regularly. When you buy food, you're careful to check the labels for fat content and sugar. But what about salt? While sodium is a vital nutrient required by your body, too much can contribute to adverse health issues. That's important because research published in the journal Food Chemistry found that, in terms of maintaining taste, it was much more difficult to reduce the sodium levels of low-fat cheese than it was to cut salt from full-fat selections.

The Bigger Picture: Whether you're young or old, even if you're determined to eat right, you could be at risk of over-consuming salt. As this study suggests, producers of low-fat cheeses have a real challenge ahead of them when it comes to reducing salt content. Is this true of other low-fat foods? Checking those nutrition facts panels is the only way to be sure.
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