Low GI Carbs For Less Fat

Your beach body diet and training program is probably already in high gear, but you can always use another strategy to add to your gym bag of tricks. Here's an easy one: Avoid high GI carbs at your pre-workout meal. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that if you train in the morning after breakfast, you'd be better off eating whole grain breads than popular cereals.

High GI carbohydrates spike blood sugar unlike the low GI variety. This lower blood sugar response boosts your body's use of stored fats during exercise. Just ask the female volunteers in this study. Those who consumed low GI carbs 3 hours before walking on a treadmill for 60 minutes oxidized 7.4 grams of body fat. Those fed on high GI carbs only burned 3.7 grams a 50% difference!

The Bigger Picture: Carbohydrates are essential for topping off muscle glycogen stores before hitting the gym. Paying attention to the glycemic index appears to have a major impact on how much fat is burned. But don't forget about proteins. Your muscles need the essential amino acids from eggs, skim milk, yogurt and protein powders to rebuild after a tough workout. Make a place for them on your training table.
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