Plum Satisfying Low-Fat Snack

If you're on a diet, it's a good idea to consume a number of small meals rather than three big ones each day. Of course, this strategy opens the door to plenty of snack opportunities. Try dried plums. In addition to being very low in fat, they provide dietary fiber for digestive health and keep you feeling full longer. That's what a study in the journal Experimental Biology reported.

Researchers had 19 adult women snack on either dried plumbs or low-fat cookies 2 hours before a meal. The plum snackers reported significantly higher feelings of food satisfaction than the cookie crunchers. Next, researchers had the women consistently snack on plums over a 2-week period. Not only did they find the snacks fulfilling, but they experienced improvements in blood lipid profiles and overall diet quality.

The Bigger Picture: Choosing whole foods over the sugary processed variety seems like a no-brainer. But the option doesn't always occur to those who haven't tried a particular type of food. Once you discover that eating healthy can taste good, there's no turning back.
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