Weighed Down With Liquid Calories

Soda and other sugary drinks may be weighing you down. A study recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at the drinking habits of 810 adults age 25 to 79. Beverages were divided into 6 categories: sugary, diet, juice, diary, coffee/tea and alcohol. Researchers discovered over the course of the 18 month analysis that sugar-sweetened beverages were the source of 37% of their subject's liquid calories. They were the only classification associated with significant weight change, whether gaining or losing.

The Bigger Picture: In the United States, consumption of liquid calories has increased right along with the population's rate of obesity. This study strongly suggests that cutting back on sugary drinks can reduce the trend. Take your steps one at a time. First, quit the sugary beverages. Then make an effort to eat more unprocessed whole foods. Visiting the gym on a regular basis should be the next component of this natural progression.
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