Ab Training Myths Busted

Whoever said that you have to work your abdominal muscles for at least a half hour per session must not have been paying much attention to form. Your focus should be quality over quantity. If you don't feel your abs working within a couple of minutes, you might be relying too much on momentum.

Another myth has to do with performing abdominal exercises every single day. That's just as wrong. Like any muscle group, your abs need time to recover. 3 to 5 days a week is plenty for ab training. And it doesn't matter where you arrange this work in your workout, unless abs are a really weak area that requires special attention. In that case, do them first when you're at your freshest.

The Bigger Picture: Consistency is the key to building a great set of abs. Same goes for training all your other muscle groups. Put in the hard, intense effort, give yourself adequate time to recover and rebuild, feed your body the nutrients it needs within the optimal timeframe and you should be able to achieve any realistic physique goal you establish for yourself.
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