Reversing The Obesity Trend

What is the reason for America's increasing rate of obesity? Is it food intake or lack of exercise? A study recently presented to the European Congress on Obesity found that caloric intake is almost entirely to blame. Researchers determined the calorie burning efficiency of 1399 adults under everyday conditions. Then they examined national food supply data from the 1970s to the present. Over the course of 30 years, they predicted that the average adult should be almost 24 pounds heavier. The fact that the actual weight gain was only 19 pounds suggests that rates of physical activity have increased, although not enough to counter the added calorie consumption.

The Bigger Picture: The study concluded that, to return to the average body weights of the 1970s, adults would have to consume 500 fewer calories a day (about a hamburger's worth) or perform 150 more minutes a day of moderate intensity exercise. Imagine what you could achieve by doing both.
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