Mulitvitamin Appetite Suppressant

You're most likely aware that certain macronutrients can help keep you feeling full longer. The fiber in whole grains oats is one good example. That's important, since many scientists count satiety as a crucial component of weight loss and weight management. As it turns out, micronutrients can be used in much the same way. Who knew that multivitamins were a diet tool?

Researchers from Laval University in Quebec had a group of healthy normal weight and obese subjects restrict energy intake for 15 weeks. Some were given a multivitamin while others received a placebo. The multi provided satiety support, particularly among male subjects although women also trended in that direction. Another study found that body weight, BMI and fat mass were all lower for multivitamin users when compared to people who didn't take vitamins.

The Bigger Picture: Scientists tried to narrow down which micronutrient provided the most support. They speculated that chromium might affect appetite due to its role in carbohydrate control. Whatever the case, taking a multivitamin is relatively inexpensive and easy nutritional insurance. According to this study, it might even help to control those cravings between meals.
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