A Fatty Diet Fuels Hunger

The hunger hormone ghrelin stimulates hunger receptors in your brain, making you want to increase food intake. Ghrelin is activated by fat and, for nearly a decade, it's been assumed those fats were already in your body. New research from the University of Cincinnati suggests that the fat trigger is actually dietary fats from the food you eat. So consuming a diet weighed down with fat will make you want to eat more.

The Bigger Picture: While you can't and shouldn't try to eliminate all fats from your diet, favor the healthy essential fats over the less healthy saturated variety. The essential fatty acids found in nuts, seeds, oils and cold water fish play a role in numerous systems and body functions, while the saturated fats from dairy and red meats mostly just add to your waistline. There are plenty of low-fat dairy and meat choices that take this issue into consideration.
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