Faster & Stronger With Lunges

Want to build strong hamstring muscles? What about quickening your running speed? Both goals can be accomplished by performing forward lunges. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research suggests that the end result might end up helping to prevent an injury.

Researchers had 32 soccer players perform walking and jumping lunges as part of their regular twice weekly training routine. After 6 weeks, testing revealed stronger hamstring muscles, a result of the walking lunges, along with a quicker 30-meter sprint time, attributed to the jumping lunges.

The Bigger Picture: Improved performance is always a plus, whether you're a competitive athlete or someone who enjoys a pickup game in the park on weekends. But the real divided here is the fact that eccentric exercises, including the forward lunge, are considered effective countermeasures for injury prevention. That's a benefit every active individual can appreciate.
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Frank J. Mangino
Jun 25, 2009
I just found this wonderful, informative
source of getting back in shape! Thank you so
much. Very Inspiring!!!!