Slow Down To Slim Down

While it certainly matters if you consider yourself a big eater, how fast you eat also has a dramatic affect on your ability to control body weight. That's what Japanese researchers found when they analyzed the eating habits of different subjects. The faster a person eats, the more likely he or she is to be overweight and insulin-resistant. Both of these conditions can lead to diabetes.

The Bigger Picture: When you're in a hurry to cram down a meal, your brain does not have the chance to send out satiety signals that you're stomach is full. A few tips nutrition consultants recommend for slowing the pace of dining are 1) reduce the quantity of food on each fork or spoonful, 2) don't take another bite until the mouthful is thoroughly chewed and swallowed, 3) put the fork or spoon down on the table, out of your grasp, with each and every bite.
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