3-Step Weight Loss Program

If you're looking for a magic pill to lose weight and keep it off, you'll end up disappointed. There isn't one. But research published in the clinical journal Obesity Reviews offers some sound advice to those who are determined to win their own personal battle of the waistline.

Harvard School of Public Health scientists compared the success of a group of dieters against a group that incorporated exercise into their weight loss program. They found that, over a period of a year or two, people lost about 2.5 additional pounds when they dieted and exercised regularly. The real difference is they were able to keep this weight off for as long as 6 years.

The Bigger Picture: What's the final step in this one-two punch for weight loss? Get regular progress reports from a professional. Whether that's a support group, your doctor or a dietitian, this encouragement can keep you on track with eating right and exercising. Sticking with a program is the key to its success.
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