Nuts Fuel Energy & Satiety

Looking for a high-energy natural whole food to add to your diet program? Try nuts. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition cited walnuts, pecans, peanuts and almonds for their ability to suppress hunger while boosting your metabolic rate. This double-barreled weight management support also provides lipid energy for extended-duration exercise.

The Bigger Picture: Sure, nuts are loaded with fats (aka: lipids). But they're the kind of fats your body needs to support a wide range of functions as well as ongoing maintenance efforts. That's why Omega-3s are called essential fatty acids. You body can't produce them on its own, and can't get by without them.
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Jul 03, 2009
How many almonds per day are recommended? I'm eating 20 a day but someone told me thats a lot of calories and that I should cut down to 6.
Jul 07, 2009
1 oz. (20-23) of almonds is equal to one serving. A serving will contain around 162-170 calories and around 14g of healthy fats. Only 6 per day wouldnt be very beneficial in my opinion. Maybe spread the serving throughout the day?
Jul 08, 2009
Hey man, don't worry about the actual number of almonds you eat. i say go with an ounce a day for extra heart health and more energy. and besides, the amount of exercise you perform can easily be altered to burn the amount of calories you take in. the more effort you put out, the more results you see!