Portion Sizes, Then & Now

The year is 1989, and your average 3-inch diameter bagel weighs in at 140 calories. That's fairly reasonable…until you look at what this deli breakfast staple has evolved into. At 6-inches across, today's bagel is twice as big as its predecessor. And it's packing 250 calories – almost double the old school version.

The numbers are even more dramatic with hamburgers. Your typical 1989 burger was 333 calories. Today's ups the calorie count to 590. Remember that these are just averages. You can easily find a burger with more than twice that caloric value. Want fries with your order? The basic portion size has increased from 2.4 ounces (210 calories) in 1989 to 6.9 ounces (610 calories) today.

The Bigger Picture: Regardless of the type of food, portion sizes have increased across the board over the last few decades. It should come as no surprise that waistlines have expanded right along with them. The restaurant industry's penchant for overloading your plate isn't the only reason to be wary of dining out. The food also tends to be loaded with more fat, sugar and sodium.
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