Dynamic Warmup Boosts Performance

If you're competing on the field of play, for a team or just for fun, you want to protect yourself from muscle pulls and stay flexible. The choices include static bending against the joint stretching or the dynamic approach that mimics the action you'll be performing with less resistance and intensity.

Research published in the Journal of Athletic Training suggests you opt for the dynamic warm-up with added resistance. Their study of 18 high school athletes showed that a dynamic warm-up performed with a weighted vest (approximately 2% of body mass) allowed for greater on field performance than static stretching or moderate intensity dynamic exercises.

The Bigger Picture: While all 3 of these stretching protocols limbered up joints and helped protect athletes from pulled muscles, the dynamic options produced consistently better vertical jumps, long jumps and sprint times. The weighted aspect could easy be reproduced by gripping a pair of light hand weights. Give this stretching method a tryout to see if it improves your game.
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