HMB For Lower Body Strength

HMB, synthesized from the branched chain amino acid leucine, is designed to reduce the catabolic breakdown of muscle that occurs during training. The idea is to create an environment within muscle tissue that promotes positive growth from rebuilding.

Studies on this supplement published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found it to be particularly well-suited to beginners, and those striving to develop lower body strength. Weight trained athletes realized a 9% increase in lower body strength after a 9-week program.

The Bigger Picture: Like the effects of resistance training on different individuals, the benefits of sports nutrition supplements are dependent upon a number of factors including metabolism, dosage, age and training experience. This study suggests that competitive track and field athletes may have something to gain from HMB. Gym newbies as well.
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johnny stalhammar sweden
Jun 25, 2009
Never heard that before
think its work well as good on the upper body to!!