Weight Lifting Burns Calories

Fact is, two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese and 50% of us don't do the recommend exercise minimum of 150 minutes per week. As you might suspect, overweight and obese people are much less likely to exercise. Feeling uncomfortable in a gym environment is part of the reason. But they do have a natural advantage when it comes to resistance training.

Since overweight/obese subjects have more muscle mass than most of their skinny counterparts, resistance training is a form of exercise they're well suited for. Researchers at Southern Illinois University put a group of 39 overweight college students through one set of 9 exercises 3 times a week. They ended up burning an additional 126 calories per day in this weight lifting program.

The Bigger Picture: You have to start somewhere. If you aren't the type to run on a treadmill or peddle a stationary bike, go for long walks outside. Then get yourself some weights and set up a bench in your basement. Progress gradually, change your eating habits and see how far you can progress. 126 calories a day can add up to quite a bit of lost weight over the course of a year.
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Jul 02, 2009
Yes got sure I am over weight and I sweat too much when I lift weights, do just a 5 minutes warm up on a cross machine then go directly to the weights and take a two minute break between each set; this is what will pump you up, I just wanna say thank you to ON for their perfect products