Get The Facts On Soy

If you're looking for a powerful protein to add to your diet, try soy. It's one of the few 'complete' vegetable proteins, meaning all essential amino acids are available for muscle-building support. That includes the branched chain amino acids that are absorbed directly into muscle tissue. Don't let anyone tell you that soy harms male testosterone production. A review of 15 studies undertaken at the University of Minnesota found no evidence of an estrogen-like effect in male subjects.

The Bigger Picture: For years, word in the gym had it that soy protein binds to estrogen receptors to lower testosterone levels in men. There's been no scientific evidence to prove this assumption, and this meta-analysis of research to date underscores that fact. More good news for vegetarians and anyone looking for the well-documented heart healthy benefits offered by soy.
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Jul 14, 2009
Bologna. Soy is LOADED with phyto estrogens. It also is NOT a complete protein. Also, vegetarianism is bad for you.
Jul 14, 2009
Does the person doing normal exercise in the gym can consume soya in routine meal. Does consumption depends on age factor
Healthy Guy
Jul 17, 2009
Soy is the most sprayed crop in the world!
Jul 29, 2009
so what is a better supplement whey protein or soy protein? are they just as good as each other