CLA & Arginine For Muscle Mass

Dieters know CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) as the fat that fights fat. It's a fatty acid, to be more precise, and is found in eggs, dairy products and red meat but not in concentrations sufficient for affecting positive body changes.

Bodybuilders recognize the conditionally essential amino acid arginine as a potent pump promoter that encourages the production of vasodilating nitric oxide (N.O.). Put them together and what do you have? Research published in the Journal of Nutrition suggests an increase in lean body mass. The study worked that way with lab rats at least.

The Bigger Picture: In the study, rats had their water supplemented with arginine while CLA tablets were added to their food. They didn't go to the gym, of course. But since you do, this combination of common sports supplements may help with your goals. Both products are readily available at heath stores, gyms, and online retailers.
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