Meat Your Expectations In The Gym

Because you're watching saturated fat and cholesterol intake, your meat sources are limited to poultry and seafood. Maybe every so often you'll grab a burger, but that's about it. Come on! Live a little. Red meat is a terrific natural source of B vitamins, creatine, iron and zinc. Anyone trying to build muscle size and strength has something to gain from these growth supporting nutrients.

The Bigger Picture: As with almost every category of food, there's an upside and downside to red meat. If you stick to lean cuts like sirloin you'll be avoiding most of the bad (saturated fats and cholesterol) while benefiting from the powerful nutrients that can help you on the way to greater gains in the gym.
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Carlos Jiménez
Jul 31, 2009
Should I wait to eat red meat the days that I workout hard for example quadriceps days??