Living The Mediterranean Life

People who eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts and olive oil, limit their consumption of animal-based foods and drink in moderation tend to live longer. That's what an 8-year study of 23,349 Greeks published in the British Medical Journal suggests. Researchers broke their Mediterranean style diet down into nine separate components, and figured that those who adhered to the majority of those components had a statistically significant 14% lower mortality rate.

The Bigger Picture: Scientists singled out beta-carotene, vitamin C, tocopherols, polyphenols and essential minerals as the main nutritional players in the Mediterranean diet. Another factor is exercise. People who live in this part of the world engage in a higher level of physical activity than Westerners. For instance, they're much more likely to walk than take a car. It's not just what they eat, but how they burn their calories.
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