Whey Protein For Heart Health?

That whey protein shake you enjoy after weight training sure helps put on the lean mass. Dieters have discovered that whey protein provides a surprising degree of satiety, so a shake between meals keeps them feeling full and satisfied longer. Now a study published in the Nutritional Journal suggests that hydrolyzed whey protein isolates (HWPI) might play a role in heart health.

Researchers had 20 healthy men and women, all in their mid-20s, supplement with 5 grams of the HWPI formula daily for two weeks. They found that arm blood flow improved between 1% and 2%, a boost in vascular performance that lasted for 90 minutes after ingestion.

The Bigger Picture: Although more research needs to be performed in this area before conclusions can be drawn, it appears that whey protein shake drinkers might be getting a diverse array of health benefits from their favorite training or diet support supplement.
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