A Surprising Most Dangerous Sport

You'd think that football or maybe ice hockey would rack up the most serious injuries among high school and college athletes. But, according to research undertaken by the National Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, the most dangerous position is on the sidelines. Between 1997 and 2007, a total of 73 cheerleaders suffered catastrophic injuries.

Overall, there was a 150% jump in physical education related injuries. Many of the 24,347 incidents reported over this 10-year timeframe were minor strains and sprains. Six sports accounted for 70% of all injuries; track, basketball, football, volleyball, gymnastics and soccer.

The Bigger Picture: Researchers found that only 36% of the schools that required gym class participation established maximum student to teacher ratios. They recommended that more teachers be utilized to provide more in-depth instruction. The take home message here is to seek expert advice on performing exercises that you're unsure about, and to use a spotter on challenging lifts.
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Oct 07, 2012
Hey Brad, what is your advice you would give to sooemne who is already light (6'0 and 162 pounds) but is not extremely defined in the midsection (faint resemblance of abs). I guess some would call it skinnyfat. Bodyfat is probably around 12-14%. Do you ever recommend that there is a weight sooemne should not fall below for their height? Or would you recommend a phase of lifting and overeating calories to bulk up at this weight? My only clear goals are to have abs revealed and good muscular definition. By the way, I am 20 years old if that makes any difference Thanks.