Whey Peptides for Weight Loss?

A new study suggests that consuming whey peptides may help dieters lose weight while maintaining more of their lean muscle mass. Over the course of twelve weeks, participants were supplemented with either a hydrolyzed whey peptide ingredient or placebo. The researchers discovered that the participants who consumed the whey peptides lost 82 percent more fat while simultaneously retaining twice as much lean muscle mass.

The Bigger Picture: If you're aiming to maximize fat loss without sacrificing your precious lean muscle, then look for a whey protein supplement that contains hydrolyzed whey peptides. This rapidly-digested form of whey protein might be just what you need to take your physique to the next level.
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Joe B.
Jul 05, 2007
I am trying to lose weight but keep my muscle at the same time. I would love to be lean and have muscle like the total gym model you have on your website. Thinking of piccking up som,e of this to try. It sounds perfect for what i'm looking for.