Fruits, Veggies & Muscle Mass

Amino acids from protein are recognized as the building blocks of lean muscle mass. But fruits and vegetables also play an important role. Too much reliance on foods from animal sources can lead to a buildup of acid known by the medical term metabolic acidosis. In the absence of fruits and vegetables, your body corrects this imbalance by breaking muscle proteins down into glutamine. Although this condition is more prevalent in senior citizens, low-grade acidosis can occur in healthy young adults who avoid eating their fruits and veggies.

The Bigger Picture: The general daily recommendation for fruit and vegetable intake is 5 to 10 servings, at least 4 cups in total. These plant-based foods will provide you with physical energy, dietary fiber along with a host of vitamins, minerals and protective antioxidants. For best results, eat a rainbow of freshly harvested choices from dark leafy greens to yellow, orange and red peppers.
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