High Fat = Low Performance

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a 'fathead' is a stupid person. This slang term appears to be well grounded in truth, as research published in the FASEB Journal suggests. Scientists fed lab rats a diet where only 7.5% of the calories came from fats. After a washout period, the same rats dined on meals where 55% of the calories came from fat. After just 9 days, the fat fed rats showed a 50% decrease in physical endurance as measured on a treadmill. They also exhibited a significant decrease in mental performance, making more mistakes in a maze.

The Bigger Picture: You might be thinking that no human gets 55% of their daily calories from fats, but that high percentage is very much in line with what a typical fast food meal provides. What's amazing is how quickly the fatty foods affected these rats. After just 5 days on a high-fat diet, their physical endurance dropped by 30%. Obviously, eating clean plays an important role in keeping your motor running mentally and physically.
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Sep 01, 2009
Rats arent meant to eat fat, so of course they are going to fair worse. its like putting a human on a vegetarian diet and testing thier endurance