Tendon Risk Reducing Routine

If you're an avid runner or dedicated weekend warrior, you're probably putting a lot of stress on your patella (knee) and achilles (ankle) tendons. Unfortunately, these two tendons are very prone to injury during intense training and competition. An article in the NSCA's Performance Training Journal recommends one-leg squats and lunges for warming up the knee tendons with eccentric heel raises for loosening up your ankles.

The Bigger Picture: Tendon injuries occur when one of two things happen: Either there's been a traumatic overload, too much stress occurring all at once, or repeated stresses built up over time finally take their toll. Devote a few minutes to performing these basic leg exercises before your workouts and see if they help relieve some of this tendon stress.
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Aug 28, 2009
Pls let us know something abt tennis elbow? its also a tedon injury...
Sep 14, 2009
Can you talk about stress fractures in the knee area and in the shins? Thank you.