Start Out Full To Stay Slimmer

Research reported in ON's Breaking News this time last year suggested that eating an egg or two for breakfast could keep you from overeating the rest of the day. A more recent study published in the Nutrition Journal reports that rye bread at breakfast contributes to full-feeling satiety lasting into the lunch hour and beyond. The research, conducted in Sweden, provided between 5 and 8 grams of fiber via whole grain rye bread to 16 middle aged volunteers. After eating breakfast around 8:30AM, satiety helped them avoid grazing all the way to the noon hour and, in some cases, into the afternoon.

The Bigger Picture: Although the breakfast these volunteers consumed contained no more calories than their normal cereal choices, the fiber-dense whole grain rye bread kept them satisfied for 3 hours and longer. If you're battling hunger pangs late in the day, try cooking up some eggs for breakfast with a side of rye toast. That'll provide the benefits from both studies, along with plenty of protein and slow-burning carbohydrates.
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