More Body Fat, Less Brain Tissue

Not watching what or how much you eat isn't exactly a smart way to approach nutrition. Research published in the online edition of the journal Human Brain Mapping suggests that such choices might actually affect brain tissue density.

Brain scans of 94 individuals in their 70s revealed that obese people averaged 8% less brain tissue than their lean counterparts, a condition that made their brains appear 16 years older. Subjects who were overweight typically had around 4% less brain tissue than normal weight seniors.

The Bigger Picture: The World Health Organization estimates that there are over 300 million obese people on the planet along with another billion who would be classified as overweight. The leading cause is poor diet. There are many other negative consequences to eating thoughtlessly. This study appears to add brain drain to the list.
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Hussein Ahmed
Sep 03, 2009
I totally agree, I have read also that having a balanced diet and workout regimes would protect the brain and ward off mental disorders. Athletes also have been proved to have higher mental clarity and that explains it. Thanks!