How Exercise Busts Bellies

You might have heard that exercise increases your body's 24-hour fat use. According to a review of research published in Exercise and Sports Science Reviews, that's not entirely true. Exercise does not increase fat oxidation in and of itself. Working out promotes weight management in two ways: 1) Creating a negative caloric balance and 2) increasing muscle mass.

The Bigger Picture: Your body draws on stored body fat when energy expenditure exceeds energy intake, and fat oxidation exceeds fat intake. Building muscle mass increases your metabolic rate. So you could say that exercise increases the capacity of muscle to use fat. Bottom line: talking an active role in weight loss can add an effective 1-2 punch to any diet strategy.
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Billy Washington
Sep 10, 2009
I am a type 2 diabetic and my medication causes me to retain unwanted bodyfat especially around my waist. I look pretty good everywhere else. What exercises can I do to attack this area and bring my physique into balance. I would like to see a magazine do an article on diabetics and exercise. There are alot of diabetics who need guidance when it comes to fitness.