Safe Play On The Field Of Play

You've got to be tough to survive high school football. There are so many ways to get hurt. For those who want to play it safe, an analysis of data in the current issue of Research in Sports Medicine reveals that most serious injuries occur during kickoff and punting. 44% of all serious injuries were bone fractures while 20% were concussions.

If you're measuring all injuries, most happen right at the start of a game and mid-way through, suggesting that intensity of play is a significant factor. As for field location, most injuries occur in the middle, although the serious ones can take place anywhere on the gridiron.

The Bigger Picture: If you play high school football, or know someone who does, this research shows how important it can be to engage in pre-game warm-ups. Being limber and flexible can help you avoid the minor muscle pulls and strains that account for 80% of all game injuries. You'll have to rely on instincts and reaction time to avoid the more serious mishaps.
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