Fat Keeps You From Feeling Full

You've been warned about eating foods that contain lots of saturated fat. This less-than-healthy type of fat can weigh in unfavorably on your waistline. Research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation points to what may be an even more sinister quality. Scientists found that when rodents were fed saturated fats, the palmitic acid in the fat signaled their cells to ignore appetite-suppressing commands. This didn't happen when the rats consumed unsaturated fats. Researchers theorized that the acids in saturated fats activate a gene known as protein kinase C Theta which can override satiety signaling.

The Bigger Picture: Have you ever woken up hungrier than usual on the morning following a dinner party where you indulged in all the wrong types of food? That may have been palmitic acid's negative influence at work. Eat right, exercise regularly and watch your saturated fat intake. The bad fats try to make you forget about controlling portion size.
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