Key To Building Better Abs

When you're in shape it shows. Keeping your belly from hanging over your belt might have been your original goal. Now you're working toward 6-pack definition that turns heads. Research published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise wanted to determine if the planks promoted as a component of Pilates were more effective for working abs than traditional crunches. Turns out they weren't. Old school crunches were 20% more effective for activating the rectus abdominis and external obliques muscles.

The Bigger Picture: When you do exercises like crunches and planks, it isn't just a great looking 6-pack you're building but all-important core strength. Regardless of your sport or goals, the core muscle group plays a key role in all powerful arm and leg movements. So mix up your ab training days by doing both crunches and planks on alternating days.
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Oct 01, 2009
Hello O.N.
In ABS training shouldnt't we do a combination of planks, crunches and lifts(as leg lifts)?