Best Protein Synthesis Promoter

Soy, egg, casein, whey. There are so many types of protein on the market today. They all offer muscle-building advantages and each has a unique amino acid profile. It's those amino acids especially the Essential Amino Acids which your body cannot produce that are responsible for muscle building and repair. So which protein's best?

Timing plays the key role in determining which protein is best and when. For help on that question, visit A recent study printed in the Journal of Applied Physiology weighs in on muscle protein synthesis, which is crucial for putting on lean mass. Researchers found that whey protein hydrolysates accelerated muscle protein synthesis at rest and post-workout better than soy or casein proteins. The theory goes that fast-digesting whey protein hydrolysates increased blood levels of leucine, a signaling compound of protein synthesis.

The Bigger Picture: In addition to being composed entirely of hydrolyzed whey protein isolates, ON's new Platinum Hydrowhey is augmented with micronized branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), including leucine. The total is nearly 9 grams of BCAAs. Utilization is enhanced with patented digestive enzymes. This really is our most valuable muscle-building protein yet.
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