Whey + Casein = More Muscle

The foundation of ON's Foundational Stack is well-timed fast and slow protein. Fast acting whey protein's ideal right before or after training. But a slowly digesting micellar casein is the better choice between meals and especially right before bed, since most muscle rebuilding takes place at night while you're asleep.

A study recently published in the journal Nutritional Research backs this concept. Two groups of young men were recruited to take part in an 8-week resistance training program. Scientists had one group enjoy a casein shake early in the morning and right after training, while the other group had the morning shake with their second pushed back to 5 hours after training. The group that drank casein later in the day gained an average of 2 pounds more muscle.

The Bigger Picture: This study illustrates how a casein shake late in the day can support muscle recovery long into the night. We'd recommend taking it about half an hour before turning in for the night. Casein can also be used effectively between meals, since it gels in your stomach to help you feel full longer. Try whey after training and casein before bed for a month to see how much you gain from this fast/slow AM/PM stack.
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Hamad Younis Ali
Oct 05, 2009
will give it a try