Get A Bigger Kick Out Of Soccer

If your fall sport is soccer, the NSCA's Performance Training Journal has a workout regimen for improving your kicking game. Researchers recruited 38 soccer players and had them perform inclined leg presses, leg extensions, half squats and leg curls every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 6 weeks. On the same day, these athletes also engaged in plyometric conditioning, performing both depth jumps and hurdle hops.

After 6 weeks, researchers measured the progress these players made against a control group. The resistance training and plyometric group significantly increased muscular strength, maximum power output and vertical jump. Kicking performance also improved as measured by on-field performance.

The Bigger Picture: Whether you're taking the field on a fall sports team or just playing around with friends at the park, a program like this is easily incorporated into any gym training routine. To keep getting better, you have to try new exercises, techniques and challenges. Just like in school or the workplace, you can learn something new in physical fitness each and every day.
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