Tips On Exercise & Colds

There's a time and a place for everything, as the saying goes. According to researchers at the American College of Sports Medicine, the time for exercise is right before getting a flu shot. Moderate level activity right before your shot may boost your immune system. If you do catch a cold, the ACSM suggests that it's okay to do some light exercise if the symptoms are just sinus related. But don't go at it hard. Just a brisk walk. If the cold progresses to your chest, or you come down with a fever, get rest and stay out of the gym for a week or two.

The Bigger Picture: Research has shown that people who exercise for at least 45 minutes four or more days each week take between 25% to 50% less time off work due to colds or the flu. The trick is knowing when to back off and give your body enough time to recover. Once you recover, don't hit your routine with the intensity you used before catching the cold. Going slow can help prevent a relapse of symptoms.
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