Knowing The Damage Matters

Seen those calorie content posters hanging in chain restaurants? A study conducted by the New York City Health Department suggests that they have an impact. As reported in USA Today, researchers surveyed 10,000 lunch customers at 275 fast-food restaurants and coffee shops in 2007, and followed up with interviews of 12,000 people in 2009.

In 2008, New York City began requiring these food outlets to post calories on menu boards. Study results showed that 56% of these customers noticed the calorie information and 15% applied this knowledge when ordering. Hamburger chain customers who weighed the advantages of certain selections over others consumed an average of 754 calories for lunch, while those who ignored it took in 860 on average.

The Bigger Picture: A 754 calorie lunch is nothing to brag about, but cutting your intake by 152 calories is. Numbers-weighing sandwich shop customers spared themselves 73 calories and coffee shop patrons cut 23 calories out of their orders. Those numbers represent a single meal. Imagine what can be accomplished if you consider the nutritional implications of everything you eat.
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