Importance Of Rebooting Gym Goals

Knowing that the holiday eating season looms large in so many households, let's focus on what happens after the banquets are consumed. Even a little weight gain will likely reignite your passion for diet moderation and exercise, which is good. Consider a study published in the journal Obesity and its message about workout dedication.

Researchers had 97 volunteers restrict their diets to 800 calories per day and undertake either aerobic or resistance training. Both groups lost weight, an average of 24 pounds. What happened next is more important. The weight lifters and treadmill runners were asked to perform 40 minutes of exercise twice weekly for an entire year. Although some did experience modest weight regain, it wasn't the dangerous visceral fat that accumulates inside the abdominal cavity and can surround vital organs.

The Bigger Picture: Eighty minutes of exercise a week would be considered the bare minimum for most active adults. But even active adults go through periods of inactivity. If it's a 2-week vacation, then your time away from the gym was probably well spent. But if the shorter, colder days of winter have you hitting the snooze button instead of suiting up for a workout for weeks on end, it's good to know that even a slow 80-minute per week reboot can get you headed in the right direction.
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