Post-Exercise Fat Oxidation

With the holiday eating season looming large on the horizon, plenty of fit people are wondering what they can do in the gym to optimize fat loss. Research recently published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism examined different strategies for increasing post-exercise fat oxidation.

Scientists compared the post-workout fat burning of subjects who exercised for a long duration to those who only trained for a little while in the gym, compared low intensity to high intensity effort, and weighed the fat burning advantages of a continuous versus interval approach. As you might expect, the long duration and high intensity exercises burned more fat post-workout. Surprisingly, continuous and interval training had no effect on after-exercise fat oxidation.

The Bigger Picture: Despite the apparent benefits of high intensity exercise for a long duration, researchers summarized their results by stating that the whole idea of post-workout fat oxidation may be inconsequential when compared to the fat you burn during exercise. So use the approach that suits you best, as long as you don't skip any sessions with the treadmill, cycle or barbell.
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