Benefits of Unilateral Training

Think about it. Aside from dumbbell exercises, you're almost always pushing or pulling weight using both limbs at once. Not with unilateral training, which focuses on working one arm or leg at a time. There are a couple of good reasons to try it. First, you'll get better core muscle activation raising and lowering a dumbbell with one arm while its opposite isn't holding onto a counter weight. Secondly, you might discover some strength imbalances between right and left limbs. How many times can you squat body weight with your right leg versus your left?

The Bigger Picture: One of the biggest advantages to experimenting with unilateral training is the newness. Changing up your routine is one of the most effective ways to push past plateaus. You can add resistance, increase repetitions or volume, even rearrange the order of the exercises you like to perform. Unilateral training is an outside the box way to really change up your routine. Try some one-limbed variations on machines until you get the hang of this novel approach to training.
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