Concurrent Training Mixes It Up

If you're a regular at any gym, you've probably noticed that most people like to work out pretty much the same way. If they enjoy weight training, you aren't likely to see them on an elliptical machine and vice versa. A study published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health presents some inspiring reasons to mix up your training with a little of each.

A group of healthy untrained men were assigned to either progressive treadmill running, lifting free weights or a concurrent program that was a combination of both regimens. After just 8 weeks, the endurance runners and concurrent group significantly decreased total fat mass while the strength training and concurrent group realized significant increases in muscle.

The Bigger Picture: While all three groups of exercisers improved their blood lipid profiles, the only way to lose fat and gain muscle was to undertake both cardio and strength training. This approach also gives you many more options for planning a workout routine, and changing it up every 4 to 8 weeks so you can keep burning fat and building muscle.
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