100% Whey Bonus Pak

Beginning in late July and early August 2007 look for specially-marked "Bonus-Paks" of ON 100% Whey Gold Standard containing FREE Sample Packets of ON Vassive-NO and ON Vassive-CE.*

Vassive-NO, featuring proprietary Twin Action Pump, Metabo-Mg, and MyoPsych Blends, provides the pre-workout tools for ultimate pumps, increased mental focus, and greater muscle endurance. Incorporating proprietary NLC2, Cell Shuttle, and Phos-4 Blends, Micronutrients, and Amino Acids, Vassive-CE provides the tools for strength and power, lasting size, reduced muscle soreness, and faster post-workout recovery. Alone, Vassive is a potent combination. Stacked with ON 100% Whey Gold Standard, you'll be primed and ready for unprecedented gains in size, strength, and performance.

* Available in the US only while supplies last.
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sherill howell
Jul 16, 2007
can't wait for it!
Jul 18, 2007
the best (;