CLA For Muscle Building?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) has been called the fat that fights fat. It's found in meat and dairy foods, but not at levels high enough to promote changes in body composition. A number of studies have shown CLA can help decrease body fat and reduce inflammation. Now research published in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that it can help stimulate increases in muscle mass. The meta-analysis conducted by University of Wisconsin researchers determined that CLA played a small role in increasing fat-free mass, but only in certain subjects.

The Bigger Picture: The fact that CLA helped build muscle in some people but not others is not surprising. After all, you might be able to gain muscle size and strength faster than the person working out right next to you, or vice versa. Everyone's unique in the gym and at the training table. Find out what helps you achieve your goals, then refine your diet and exercise program to reach the next milestone.
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