Getting the Most Out of Your Carbs

In the game of physical fitness, those who demonstrate the endurance to engage in physical activity for an extended period of time have significantly greater chances of success. Factors such as blood glucose levels and time to exhaustion greatly affect an athlete's endurance. Now there is an ingredient available that by positively influencing these and other factors can help you go that extra mile - Carbogen.

What is Carbogen?
Carbogen is a patented enzyme formula that aids in the digestion of insoluble complex carbohydrates (including fibers and starches) and breaks them down into shorter chain carbohydrates making them a more easily accessible source of energy. Through these effects, Carbogen may enhance blood glucose (the body's primary fuel for long duration activity) and increase the time-to-exhaustion resulting in a sustained energy boost which can be particularly helpful for athletes who exercise or compete for extended periods of time. Furthermore, Carbogen may also decrease the accumulation of blood lactate allowing for improved post-workout recovery.

The Science Behind the Supplement
In a study carried out at the University of Dayton Human Performance Lab, five trained cyclists consumed a meal replacement bar with either 160 mg of Carbogen or 160 mg of placebo an hour prior to a cycling bout. After 60 minutes of exercise, the subjects' blood glucose was measured and those taking Carbogen had consistently higher levels than the placebo group. The subjects supplemented with Carbogen were also able to maintain their energy output at 100 percent for a longer period of time than their counterparts. The "sustained release" properties of Carbogen will continue to be observed in future university studies.

How Should I Take Carbogen to Maximize Its Benefits
An extremely powerful ingredient, as little as 200 mg of Carbogen taken with a meal high in complex carbohydrates can yield results. A convenient way to receive the excellent benefits of Carbogen is to seek out a dietary supplement that already includes this revolutionary enzyme formulation. Look for Carbogen on the label or the supplement facts panel of meal replacement bars and powders and post-workout recovery products.
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