Mix Up Some Protein Pancakes

Building on the holiday recipes we've been featuring in Breaking News all week, we thought we'd take off on a breakfast tangent for today's installment. It'll shape up to be a terrific pre-workout breakfast on cold winter mornings, whether you're gearing up for cardio or resistance training.

Chocolate Blueberry Hydrowhey Pancakes
Mix together 2 scoops of Turbo Chocolate Platinum Hydrowhey, 1 large egg and cup of pancake mix in cup of skim milk. Once you get the consistency smooth, fold in cup of fresh strawberries or blueberries. Pour onto a greased skillet and cook just like regular pancakes.

The Bigger Picture: The whole batch is going to provide 60 grams of the fastest, purest hydrolyzed whey protein isolates ON has ever produced. There's a little bit more protein from the egg and milk, of course, and the berries dish out some serious antioxidant support. The quick carbs also help top off muscle glycogen stores. Now you're ready for just about anything in the gym.
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