Taking Whey To Another Level

You use whey protein first thing in the morning to break that 7 to 9 hour amino-less fast and kick-start protein synthesis before training. Whey's also a great choice right after training, since the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) have anti-catabolic qualities that can help minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue that occurs during intense workouts. This fast-acting muscle rebuilding support is invaluable to those who strive to develop muscle size and strength.

Long-time ON user David Murphy appreciates the progress Gold Standard 100% Whey has helped him achieve. Ironically, he unintentionally elevated its status to another level. As you can see from the image he provided, the scoops landed in a very familiar Alpine shape at the bottom of his blender. Compare with an image of Switerland's Matterhorn peak. Best of luck reaching even loftier goals, David. And thanks for sharing!

The Bigger Picture: Reach the next level in your training program by fine tuning your whey protein for endurance, bulking or diet support. You'll find suggestions for fueling all these endeavors and more at OptimumSmoothie.com. Enter your own recipe for a chance to win a terrific prize package during ON's 12 Days of Fitness give-away. Check yesterday's Breaking News post for details, and follow Team_Optimum on Twitter for updates.
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Sep 04, 2012
Hot damn, looking pettry useful buddy.