How To Lose Weight & Keep It Off

What's the best way to lose weight and prevent it from creeping back? According to Harvard University researchers it's long-term adherence to a restricted calorie diet coupled with regular exercise. The study, published in the clinical journal Obesity Reviews, found that people who took that tried and true path to body transformation lost around 2.5 pounds more than dieters who cut calories but didn't exercise. Although both groups regained some weight after the initial loss, the exercisers were most successful at keeping it off.

The Bigger Picture: You might be tempted to try a weight loss method that promises easier and faster results. In the long run, good old fashioned perseverance pays larger dividends. Eat right and work out. It's really that simple. Of course, there are complementary nutritional tools that can work in conjunction with this diet strategy. Try replacing one of your meals with a low-calorie protein smoothie or energy bar.
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Sufian Smadi
Jan 01, 2010
healthy food and good daily cardio work out ... simple and nice.