How Restaurant Food Measures Up

More and more restaurants are providing calorie-counting customers with nutritional facts for various menu items. This is true of fast food joints as well as family-style chain restaurants. To see how they scored, researchers from Tufts University randomly selected 18 entrees and side dishes and compared the actual nutrient profiles to the ones these restaurants posted for patrons.

On average, the posted calorie content of entrees was 18% lower than the actual analysis found. Side dishes were another story. Two in particular exceeded the posted calorie data by nearly 200%. So instead of the 500 calorie appetizer you thought you were getting, you'd actually be scarfing down around 2000 calories!

The Bigger Picture: Seasoned restaurant diners are well aware of the portion size issues presented by many establishments. Not only that, but recipes often include a number of high-calorie ingredients. You can never know for certain exactly what you're getting with restaurant food. So if you're dieting down or a stickler for nutrient clarification, it's best to make your own meals at home.
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