Building On The Gold Standard

With more than 20 different flavors of Gold Standard 100% Whey already available nationwide, you'd think we'd be happy with our success. It is America's best selling brand of protein powder. But that's not the ON way. We approach sports nutrition the same way you go at it in the gym, always setting the bar higher. This time it's the introduction of two new flavors. Ask your favorite retailer for Cake Batter and White Chocolate flavored Gold Standard 100% Whey.

The Bigger Picture: Giving you plenty of options is just one more example of ON's commitment to continuous improvement. Because we formulate, produce and package all of our protein powders in company owned and operated facilities, we maintain hands-on control over all aspects of quality. We want to make sure that your next scoop of Gold Standard 100% Whey mixes up, tastes and performs every bit as good or even better than the last.
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jeet kataria
Apr 19, 2010
gold standard whey protein has helped me amazingly n m sure it is helping thousands more. hope u ppl bring out the best